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Design with justification

The Play Line

Play Line – Soapbox car, chair, bench, table and sketching board Childrens furniture must be designed for children, rather than just being small copies of adult furniture. And preferably with a humorous approach. The soapbox car is an icon of play and creation, making it a natural source of inspiration for me, Jesper K Thomsen,…
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Mater, Pebble Line

Pebble Line – is a pottery line made ​​of matte pottery from the southern part of China. The series consists of cups, bowls, platters, sugar bowls, cream cans and a tea pot.

Lampetta, Pulz

Lampetta – available in several sizes and colors. The lamp is inspired by the original headlamp from a 1946 Vespa scooter.

Roamer, flat line

Roamer of Switzerland, began production of watches in 1888. A glorious Swiss brand that has produced quality watches ever since. We were fortunate to be able to contribute with a collection for this brand. Roamer