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DoseSystem reminds citizens when to take their medicine, enabling them to manage this independently. Relatives can experience peace of mind. The healthcare staff at assisted living facilities, in the home care and at nursing homes ensure medicine on time and saves financial resources. Without lowering the quality of the service or the lifequality of the citizens.

We have developed DoseSystem to solve problems. Not to create new ones. Therefore, everything has been designed, developed and tested in Denmark in close cooperation with the healthcare staff and the citizens. On the following pages, you can read more about the medicine box DoseCan, the dosing box DoseTray and the DoseSystem app that provides easy access to the entire system.
DoseSystem is patent pending.

Design and idea by Jesper K Thomsen, founder, CEO and co-owner DoseSystem ApS.




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Design by Jesper K Thomsen - 2013