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Cane – Line Swing sofa

I am very proud to have initiated collaboration with the successful outdoor furniture brand Cane-Line. Cave is the first product, and there are designs to come, designed by Jesper K. Thomsen. Cave swing is a new interpretation of the Classic swing sofa used all over the world. Cane-Line

Eco light

Eco light is a photovoltaic-driven LED lamp for garden and park. The lamp is not in production.

A doctors bag

The Doctors Bag is an innovative and groundbreaking professional medical kit designed and co developed with experienced doctors. This revolutionary product is an invaluable integral tool for all doctors on house call and provides an effective functional solution to problems faced by doctors in their daily work. The bag is hygienic and dish washable, and…
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Provence sofa

ProvenceĀ is a series ofĀ outdoor furnitureĀ consisting of Sofa, loungeĀ chair,Ā dining chairĀ andĀ tables.

Jack & Jones watches, China

Clip watch for Jack & Jones shops in China 2012

Furnipart, Handles

A project combining aesthetic with sustainable materials and production. Furnipart

Hope Dining Chair

Hope Dining Chair – comes in many versions, with or without upholstery, with 4 legs and center frame etc. We wanted to create a chair in 2D veneer was pushed to the limit. We did that with succes after a year of work. The floating look and excellent comfort, makes this chair unique. Houe

The Play Line

Play Line – Soapbox car, chair, bench, table and sketching board Childrens furniture must be designed for children, rather than just being small copies of adult furniture. And preferably with a humorous approach. The soapbox car is an icon of play and creation, making it a natural source of inspiration for me, Jesper K Thomsen,…
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Mater, Pebble Line

Pebble Line – is a pottery line made ā€‹ā€‹of matte pottery from the southern part of China. The series consists of cups, bowls, platters, sugar bowls, cream cans and a tea pot.

RemRem, Angler – Watch line

In 2007 RemRem reinvented itself with Mutant time: a range of watches reflecting our desire to step out of the ordinary, to explore those defining moments of life, when we decide to take on parallel roles and new identities, where we make a conscious decision to push ourselves to the limit ā€“ all in an…
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