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Simplify and make sense

DoseScan – By DoseSystem

DoseScan is a medicine reminder system for pouch-packed medicine. With beeps and blinksDoseScan reminds the user, when it is time to take their medicine. The system sends a notificationto healthcare professionals or relatives, if the user has not acknowledged for medication on theButton, or if the device is scanning the wrong medication at the wrong…
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Waste Top – Don’t Waste It

Waste Top is the flexible solution for outdoor events – created for event organizers and other organizations who want to contribute to a cleaner tomorrow. The sorting cap has a nice design and insertion holes that make it easy and intuitive for the event participant to sort at source. Design from 2021 for “Don´t waste…
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Mindo 111

This unique aluminium extending table is designed in a very special way – no traditional extension leaves are needed. Simply pull one end of the table, and the table expands. It takes just a few seconds. Adding room for extra guests has rarely been easier.


DoseBox is a medicine dosing surface and medicine cabinet for both citizens and health professionals. DoseBox is a materialization of workflows that help everyone to ensure the correct medication dosage, hygienic standards and quality assurance workflow. Design and idea by Jesper K Thomsen, founder, CEO and co-owner DoseSystem ApS. DoseSystem  

Electronic information panels VMS

The Danish capital Copenhagen in 2015  saw more bicycles enter city than cars, with almost half of residents cycling to work or school. Copenhagen now has so many cyclists that the city is installing electronic information panels along its bike lanes to help prevent two-wheeled traffic jams. Jesper K Thomsen together with the city of…
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DoseSystem reminds citizens when to take their medicine, enabling them to manage this independently. Relatives can experience peace of mind. The healthcare staff at assisted living facilities, in the home care and at nursing homes ensure medicine on time and saves financial resources. Without lowering the quality of the service or the lifequality of the…
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Play Line

Play Line – Soapbox car, chair, bench, table and sketching board Childrens furniture must be designed for children, rather than just being small copies of adult furniture. And preferably with a humorous approach. The soapbox car is an icon of play and creation, making it a natural source of inspiration for me, Jesper K Thomsen,…
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Many can recognize the problem of dosing boxes where the lid is difficult to remove and replaced. Or situations where the lid falls off and the pills fall out. This is not the case with DoseTray because the lid is an integral part of the dosing box. It functions as a rolling lid that can…
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TURN2KNOW – a third world teaching tool

TURN2KNOW can provide quality learning to people who cannot read or do not have the opportunity to go to school. It is a hand crank rechargeable MP3 player, which plays audio files from a standard MicroSD card via a loudspeaker. In addition to this, it can charge e.g. mobile phones.   TURN2KNOW is nominated for the…
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The Camping Line

The Camping Line Indoor furnitures: Chair, table, stool, daybed  (moulded beech wood). The inspiration behind the series is the idea of leisure and togetherness – values that are often associated with camping. Camping brings the enjoyment of camping indoors, and has added quality and character to the overdimensioned interpretation of the familiar furniture. Camping is part…
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