Simplify and make sense

Design to solve problems……

Studio Jesper K Thomsen was founded in 2000

Making ideas and visions into genuine and executable products and strategies is all about listening to the users with the problem and listening to the team and the resources available. By keeping things simple and making sure that everybody is on the same page, I have learned that the way to success is not that hard. If you are focusing on the problem, it is always easier to see the solution! 

I have a very holistic approach to Innovation and know how to motivate and engage people around me. Innovations, to me, are much more than good ideas and target groups. Inventions must also be feasible, affordable, sustainable, and long-term to be good. To get there, I ask many questions and seek insight into things I do not understand… If I see a real problem, we can come up with a solution due to a got and proven process. A natural process is using the design thinking methodologies and my experience from many different industries.

I have a background as a building engineer and a Master’s in industrial design. After seven years in a Danish design studio, I started my studio in 2000, working for an extended range of Danish and international clients developing products and strategies in different industries.

For eight years, I have worked full time as founder, designer, business developer, and CEO in my own startup called DoseSystem A/S. I have developed the company, the products, and the services, from nothing to what it is. I have done this by using the Design thinking methods and always having the users in focus. The clients are the Government healthcare sector (primarily in Scandinavia), and the services are regarding medicine compliance. A big part of this work has been within the IoT area (HW/SW), with (UI/UX) as a critical topic. A company I build to prove that I can solve problems with promising innovations and make commercial services. 

With design and innovation as the key, I am specialized in business & product innovation, design & product development. Being self-employed most of my career, I have always been forced to wear many different hats simultaneously, which is very educational and sometimes challenging. Due to this I always see a whole and not just my small area in the big ecosystem, and I solve problems with a rational approach, making things happen.

As a consulting I have been bringing good ideas to life throughout my career and made problem-solving, user-centric product designs with clients. I am always trying to do things in new, better, simpler, and more sustainable ways.

I am never afraid to ask questions to find the right solutions…I am not the expert my clients and their users are; I just help to solve problems…… with innovation and good design as a tool. 

Over the years, the studio has worked with clients worldwide. We have worked in industries as diverse as the watch industry, bicycle industry, renewable energy, welfare technology, logistics, furniture industry, and lifestyle. This has given me a tremendous and versatile experience that can benefit you and your projects. 

Simplify and make sense…..

Owner and designer

Jesper K Thomsen