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Studio Jesper K. Thomsen ApS
is a design and development company.

We simplify design and make sense…Design and product development is about being realistic. It is about the right quality to the right price, and it is about durability. Fine sketches on the art board are worth nothing, if it cannot be produced, to the right price or even be produced at all. Our knowledge working with a wide range of products and production facilities has given us the skills to be realistic and make products that retch to the marked and become a success for our customers and there’s.

Founded in 2000.

Since then, the office has worked for many national and international customers. We have worked in industries as diverse as clock industry, bicycle industry, renewable energy, welfare technology, logistics, furniture industry and not least in the lifestyle. This has given a great and versatile experience.

In 2009 we created the concept of “design with justification” and began to work on the philosophy. It has created many exciting projects and created two spin off companies from the studio. Downtown Pony ApS and DoseCan ApS.

Owner and designer, Jesper K Thomsen:

Founded the studio in 2000. Has a degree as building engineer and a Design education from The Danish Design School in Copenhagen.


Jesper K. Thomsen ApS has over the years greatly benefited from advice from friends of the house. I am proud to have such talented advisers around him:

Line Dahl, Brandlover and wife (2002-continued)
Line is always there, thanks for all your good advice and all the sense you throw on the table. I love you.

Craig Mowry, Inventor and IP expert  (2009- continued)
Craig and I have worked together on many projects. We have worked with everything from medicine dispensers and green screens. Craig is a great help when it comes to IP issues and think outside the box. I am grateful for the cooperation it is always exciting. Craig is one of the most innovative people I know.

Previously advisory board, which was a great help through 3 exciting years 

Lise lotte Hjerrild, Lawyer and Partner in Horten (2009-2014)
Jesper Bach, CFO to Billetto (2009 – 2014)
Flemming Lindløw, Businessman and prof. board member (2010-2014)
Christina Melander, Project manager DDC (2010-2014)

Thanks to all of you


Design by Jesper K Thomsen - 2013